Business People
Membership in the UGFOA is open to everyone whose career, studies or interests involve government financial management and accounting. GFOA members form a diverse group of individuals, from entry-level employees to senior managers who work for a broad range of governments, including cities, towns, and other municipalities of all sizes; county governments; school districts and special districts; public employee retirement systems; states and provinces; schools of administration and public affairs; libraries; federal agencies; and accounting firms, law firms, investment banks, and consulting institutions.
UGFOA provides timely information, practical educational opportunities, and the latest information on best practices. In doing so, the GFOA offers public-sector finance professionals an unparalleled opportunity to:
  • obtain how-to instruction on a wide range of financial topics,
  • enhance their technical skills,
  • broaden their knowledge and deepen their expertise,
  • achieve professional recognition,
  • coordinate efforts with colleagues,
  • develop leadership skills, and
  • network with peers.
Members receive the latest information on developments in all aspects of public finance and state laws impacting local funding. They also enjoy many opportunities to participate in continuing professional education training that fosters their professional growth and career advancement.
Membership Application